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  • Metaspec Consult Limited maintains a team of professionals and consultants with skills acquired through professional training (local and international), academic, and their involvement in the all sectors of the economy with vase experiences. Metaspec Consult Limited multi-disciplinary professional and technical staff provides the foundation for our total scope of environmental services. This professional and technical staff includes hydro geologists, geologists, environmentalist, chemists, chemical & environmental engineers, and auditors. Metaspec Consult Limited has membership and certifications of the following Professional bodies for the achievement of intellectual synergy for the benefit of our clients and the environment.



  • Our commitment to Sustainable Development is illustrated across every aspect of our operations: In the employment of the best International practices, continuous monitoring of our environmental performance and adhering to world class standards in providing a safe and a healthy work environment for our employees. Our commitment to sustainability and our industry leading best practices allow us to protect the life of our natural resources, and provide our customers with a wide range of dependable and economical “green” alternatives.