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Our aim at Metaspec Consult is to apply international standards to Quality & Environmental aspects of client operations thereby improving organizational performance. Projects are managed and administered according to strict Quality Assurance procedures, under the control of specific procedures, which ensures that Client needs and requirements are achieved. Our Operational procedures conform to International Standard of Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2008) & Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004). Our QA/QC programmein accordance with international and National regulatory recommendations covers all aspects of operations like administration, fieldwork exercise, sample collection and handling, laboratory analyses, data management and report preparation.


MCL operating philosophy is centered on providing the highest possible quality of services to our clients through attentive and qualified project management, attention of detail, sensitivity to schedule & cost, awareness of ever changing environmental policies, regulations and technologies.


Our commitment to Sustainable Development is illustrated across every aspect of our operations: In the employment of the best International practices, continuous monitoring of our environmental performance and adhering to world class standards in providing a safe and a healthy work environment for our employees. Our commitment to sustainability and our industry leading best practices allow us to protect the life of our natural resources, and provide our customers with a wide range of dependable and economical “green” alternatives.